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Hi everybody! Every August I post an updated list of all the film-photography blogs that I know about. It’s meant to be a service to the whole film community. This year I’d like to ask you in advance if you publish a film-photography blog that has escaped my notice.

First, check through last year’s list to see if your blog isn’t on it. Click here to see the list.

Second, check whether your blog meets my base criteria for being on the list. They’re about making sure the blogs on the list have enough film content, are easy to follow, and allow for community:

  • Has film photography and/or film gear as at least one of its major topics
  • Has recent posts and is updated regularly (“recent” and “regular” are defined broadly)
  • Has an RSS feed so people can subscribe to it in their reader
  • [New this year] Allows people to leave comments on posts

If you’d like to add your blog, send me a link to it using the form below! Thank you!

Time to update my giant list of film-photo blogs


I meant to schedule post about autumn color in the suburbs to go live on December 10. This happens to me every once in a while — I forget to set the schedule before I hit the Publish button. I wish WordPress had an “Are you sure?” prompt when you do that.

Now I have to come up with something else for December 10.



I’ve reduced the price of my two photo books. Each is now available for just $12.99.

I published both of these books through, which takes a huge cut. At this price, I’m making only a couple bucks per book. I just want to put more copies into peoples’ hands, as both books are lovely and deserve to be seen!

Exceptional Ordinary: Everyday Photography with the Pentax ME

Exceptional images can be made with even the most ordinary 35mm SLR. The Pentax ME certainly qualifies as ordinary, with its middling specifications and features. Yet I’ve done some of my best work with this camera and the great Pentax lenses that mount on it, and I want to share some of that work with you.

Preview the book here.
Click here to buy the book on Blurb for $12.99.

Textures of Ireland

When I shot black-and-white film on a long visit to Ireland, I had no idea it would yield photographs so rich in detail you want to touch them. In my book, when you do touch the photos you will be surprised that your fingers can’t feel the textures.

Preview the book here.
Click here to buy the book on Blurb for $12.99.

Sale price on my two photo books


Rush Limbaugh has died. He was 70. Complications of advanced lung cancer took him.

I know Rush was a polarizing figure. If you fall on the side that reviled him, please don’t vent your venom in my comments. But I’m happy to have healthy discussions there.

I worked as a DJ in AM radio in 1990, at a “full service” station that played inoffensive music with happy DJs and news on the hour. That summer, we jettisoned our midday show and put in Rush.

At the Golden EIB Microphone

AM radio was in steep decline then. Through the 1970s and 1980s, music formats increasingly moved to FM, leaving AM to flounder and lose its identity and purpose. Rush’s compelling show brought large audiences back to AM and, for a long time, showed AM radio how it could remain relevant.

What an entertaining revelation Rush’s show was! While I’m sure he believed the core principles he spoke of and advocated for on his show, it was clear that the way he did it was a shtick. He even used to say it in those days: his job was to deliver a large audience to advertisers, and he was very good at it.

I was a young skull full of mush then, as Rush would say. What he said on his show largely resonated with me, and helped shape my political views. I leaned conservative anyway; he pushed me the rest of the way over.

As the years passed, I found his show to be less fun. His shtick had not only gone stale, it had turned foul. I found myself pushed away, and eventually I quit listening.

I don’t know whether I’ve moved to the center, or the Republican Party has moved farther to the right, or both. What I do know is that a couple years ago when I sampled Rush’s show again for a while, I found myself repelled by most of what he said. I guess I’ve moved on.

But I will always respect Rush as a broadcaster. He really did save AM radio, staying its death for a couple decades at least. Thanks for the memories, Rush, and may you rest well.

Remembering Rush Limbaugh

Collecting Cameras

I’m trying an experiment today: I updated a camera review from many years ago and republished it as new today. It’s the post immediately before this one.

I’ve added a redirect on the old URL so searches come to the new review.

So many of my reviews are very old — the first one on this site, of the Kodak Retina Ia, dates to 2008. Have you ever read it? I doubt it. It might be interesting to republish it. Trouble is, I don’t own that camera anymore. I have nothing more to say about it.

I do still own the Kodak Monitor Six-20, on the other hand, and have used it recently. I’ve learned more about how to make good images with it, more about its quirks, more about its shortcomings. I have something new to say about it.

Feedback welcome — is this a good idea or not?

An experiment in camera reviews