Good grass, man

Another unexpected benefit of working from home through the pandemic is that I can dash outside between meetings and move the sprinkler.

Our front yard has had large bare patches since before I moved in. I tried to fix it a couple years ago, but I did it too late in the spring and the summer heat killed my wee grass.

This year I waited until the first of September. I took a couple days off for the job. I attacked the bare spots with my electric cultivator. Then I put down 18 bags of compost, piling it into the bare spots and raking about half-inch layer through the rest of the yard. Then I laid in the grass seed. I was able to buy a mix created specially for the climate here, resistant to drought and hardy against cold winters. Then came the watering, every day. It continues and will into October.

I relandscaped my last house, and I had to get up early to start the watering and continue it in the evening when I got home. Thanks to COVID-19, I just blend it into the workday. When a meeting ends, I move the sprinkler.

Isn’t my new grass cute?