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  • Frustrating experience with WordAds

    My experience being in the WordAds program has been frustrating: broken promises, abusive ads.

  • Choosing a place to share your content online and why I stick with WordPress.com

    Anytime you choose to publish your work online you make tradeoffs. For most people, WordPress.com offers the most benefits and the fewest challenges.

  • Film on Instagram

    I feel like such an Internet curmudgeon. In my day, sonny, we used Netscape 1.0 to surf static HTML Web pages that were coded in Notepad, and we liked it! I try all the new Internet gewgaws and gimcracks but don’t like most of them. Twitter? What’s the point? Pinterest? Wow, what a colossal waste of time! Instagram? Crappy lo-fi…

  • Six ways to build blog readership

    I started blogging on a whim because I missed writing, something I used to do professionally. When I wrote my first post, I dreamed of thousands reading it and fawning over my excellent brilliance. (Delusions of grandeur? Naaaaaah!) Neither of those things happened, of course. As of today, that post has had only 41 views.…