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  • Interviewed on the radio about the Michigan Road

    Hear my interview about the Michigan Road from radio station WKVI.

  • The end of the Dayton Cutoff

    My road-loving colleague Denny Gibson tells the story best, but when the National Road was laid out across Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, the Federal Government mandated that the highway be laid out as straight as possible between the three states’ capitals. That meant that the road would not pass through the Ohio towns of Eaton…

  • The historic Michigan Road

    A list of all I’ve written about Indiana’s Michigan Road (so far).

  • 270 miles of history

    If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know about my fascination with the Michigan Road. It’s Indiana’s first state-funded road, built in the 1830s to connect southern Indiana to northern Indiana through the capital at Indianapolis. Amazingly, it is still mostly intact. With a couple minor detours, you can drive all of it still…

  • A historic byway

    Indiana’s Michigan Road is a state Historic Byway.