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  • Kodak EasyShare Z730

    A review of the brilliant-for-its-time Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom, a 2006 digital point-and-shoot camera.

  • 270 miles of history

    If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know about my fascination with the Michigan Road. It’s Indiana’s first state-funded road, built in the 1830s to connect southern Indiana to northern Indiana through the capital at Indianapolis. Amazingly, it is still mostly intact. With a couple minor detours, you can drive all of it still…

  • A historic byway

    Indiana’s Michigan Road is a state Historic Byway.

  • Tired old bridge on Old US 31

    A friend and I were cruising through southern Indiana one warm early-autumn day, skirting Camp Atterbury’s eastern boundary on an old alignment of US 31, when we came upon a narrow bridge with obvious and unattractive guardrail repair. This bridge matters because it is on the Madison State Road, completed in 1824 to link the…

  • The Corbin House

    The Corbin House, on the Michigan Road in Plymouth, Indiana, was built by the town’s first mayor. Read the story of the house and Horace Corbin here.

  • Reflecting Hoosier Reborn

    I went out on the Michigan Road again over the weekend. Not only did I pick up where I left off in Fulton County, but I also picked up someone else knowledgeable about the road along the way. Blogger Hoosier Reborn lives on the road, loves it as much as I do, and has a…

  • The Michigan Road

    When Indiana was new, most Hoosiers lived along the Ohio River. The state’s first and largest city, Madison, was on the river, and the state’s first capital, Corydon, was near the river. Indiana wasn’t ten years old in 1825 when the capital moved to Indianapolis at the state’s swampy center. People needed ways to get to the…

  • Exploring Old US 31 in Indiana

    Taking a drive down old US 31 in Indiana from the Michigan line to Indianapoils, and exploring all the old alignments along the way.

  • A very important Plymouth

    I’m a bit of a car nut. Last week I was surfing around Dailymotion looking at old TV spots for cars and found this one for what looked to me like a 1966 Plymouth Fury, but was called the Plymouth VIP instead. I’d never heard of the model, which surprised me, because I’m pretty on…