Tag: truss bridges

  • 17 bridges in Putnam County, part 1

    Putnam County, Indiana, is rich with old bridges. Here are several steel and iron truss bridges we found.

  • Welcome to Aurora

    Aurora, Indiana, on old US 50 — a charming old town.

  • Captured: Steel truss bridge over Mill Creek

    Clearly I still have unslaked road thirst, as yet another bridge shot moved me to post. I think I like truss bridges best of all, because so much of the beautiful engineering is visible right above your head as you drive them. This bridge stands on State Road 42 in Putnam County, Indiana. Putnam County…

  • Three abandoned bridges in a row

    As you drive US 50 in Illinois, in several places you parallel an older alignment of the road. The state has intended at various times to build a four-lane expressway out of US 50, to the extent that new lanes have been laid down with the presumable intent of rebuilding the old lanes to carry…

  • Three National Road/US 40 bridges over Maryland’s Casselman River

    In Garrett County, MD, three bridges still stand that successively carried the National Road/US 40 over the Casselman River.

  • Art in steel

    My junior year in college I used to bum rides to Bloomington to see my girlfriend. I made a lot of trips down State Road 46 and came to know the road well. The halfway point was the Eel River near Bowling Green, marked by a pale green steel bridge, the kind with all the beams over your head as…