Tag: trees

  • Regrowth along the trail Kodak Automatic 35F, Kodak Gold 200 2001 I took this photo while hiking through Cumberland Mountain State Park in central Tennessee.

  • View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010

  • Captured: Instant parking lot

    I’ve bought and shot with a lot of old cameras this year. I used to always look for new subjects to shoot with each camera, but at some point this year I started running out of ideas. So I’ve been returning to familiar places, sometimes shooting the same old things but just as often noticing…

  • Captured: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

    During the school year my sons stay overnight at my home on Wednesdays. We like our relaxed evening family time. But school starts early, and none of us enjoys getting up long before sunrise the next morning for the 45-minute drive to their mother’s suburb. We stumble around the house getting dressed and eating breakfast,…

  • Spring tree flowers

    The first homes in my old-suburbia neighborhood were built in about 1955, so we have plenty of mature trees. Even my house, a 1969 latecomer to the block party, sits on a well-wooded lot. Although my neighborhood shows many signs of decline today, that so many of its trees flower in the spring say that…

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