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  • Yashica-D

    The Yashica-D was my first twin-lens reflex camera. I had lusted after TLRs for many years, but I always rebuffed them for their high prices. The Rolleicords and Rolleiflexes are the most respected members of the genre and go for big bucks on the used market. Lots of companies made TLRs in the Rollei idiom,…

  • My new book, Square Photographs, is available!

    Check out my new book of square photographs, shot on film!

  • Operation Thin the Herd: Yashica-12

    In Operation Thin the Herd, I took my Yashica-12 TLR for a spin, shooting my last roll of E100G and a roll of Pan F Plus.

  • More from the Yashica-D

    I love my Yashica-D. It is a genuine pleasure to shoot. Which surprises me, because it has no built-in light meter. Using an external meter isn’t hard, but I vastly prefer having one built in so I can assess exposure right in the viewfinder. So much so, that a dozen other meterless cameras with sweet…