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  • Sunrise over the Speedway station iPhone 5 2015 While waiting at a stoplight, I stuck my phone through my car’s sunroof to photograph this.

  • Favorite Photos Week: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

    I don’t have a habit of entering photo contests, but when one finds me I’m not averse. Several years ago, my workplace asked its photographers to submit their best work. I entered this photo and took first prize: a $50 gift card. Nice! I shared this photo in October, 2011, shortly after I took it. […]

  • iPhone skies

    I use my iPhone more than any other camera. I took 1,150 photos with it in 2014. It’s always ready to record things I’d like to remember. One of my favorite things to remember is the sky. Or so it turns out: looking through my iPhone photos, I captured it over and over again. Many […]

  • Morning sun in my front rooms

    My little house faces east. I get delicious morning light in my front rooms. It’s the thing I enjoy most about my home. What do you enjoy most about yours? Some photos after I moved in are here.

  • Color film, black-and-white results

    Not long ago the folks at the Film Photography Project came upon a cache of expired-since-1995 Kodak Gold 200 color film in size 620, and offered it for sale in their store. It was pricey at $14 per roll, but wanting to try a couple of my 620 cameras I bought two rolls. I shot […]

  • Captured: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

    During the school year my sons stay overnight at my home on Wednesdays. We like our relaxed evening family time. But school starts early, and none of us enjoys getting up long before sunrise the next morning for the 45-minute drive to their mother’s suburb. We stumble around the house getting dressed and eating breakfast, […]

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