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  • Getting your hair done on the Michigan Road Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom 2008 This is my 1,000th post!

  • Decline and growth, close to home on the Michigan Road

    For a few years now, I’ve meant to photograph the portion of the Michigan Road nearest my home. For those of you familiar with northwest Indianapolis, it’s the stretch between about Kessler Boulevard and 62nd St. — and its best days are past. I want to record the gritty suburban decline. I can almost see the photos…

  • 58th & Victoria Nikon F3HP, 50mm f/2 AI Nikkor, Arista Premium 400 (exp. 11/2011) 2014

  • Sculpted shrub Kodak Retina Reflex IV, Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar 50mm f/2.8, Kodak Tri-X 400 2013

  • Getting ready for winter, a photo essay on Fujifilm FP-3000B instant film

    The last leaves fall the first of November, just in time for cold days and freezing nights. Let the calendar disagree with me, but I say this is where winter begins, bleak and down and lonely. Through October I spend every Saturday mowing up the trees’ prodigious leavings, just me and my old tractor. I cling to this…

  • The ponder seat

    I was reminded of this story from five years ago as I have been driving my old lawn tractor around the yard, picking up the fallen leaves. The tractor looks a little more beat up now, and comically its hood hinges both broke and are being held in place by two Vise Grips, but it…