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  • Dreading snow

    Even though central Indiana winters are nowhere near as bad as what I grew up with, I still hate snow!

  • A snowy visit to Purdue

    A snowy-day walk through the campus of Purdue and the town it’s in, West Lafayette, Indiana.

  • single frame: Snow-covered steps


  • Photo: Street blade, Victoria at Northgate.

  • Taking photographs in the cold

    Do you take many photographs during the cold of winter? I don’t. I hate cold weather. So do some of my old cameras. Last winter when I shot my sexagenarian Pentax H3, I foolishly took it out on a near-zero day. It was out of my warm car for two minutes when I made the…

  • Snowy day Canon PowerShot S95 2014

  • Photographing snow

    I keep trying to photograph snow, and I keep getting mixed results. It’s because it takes some finesse to make a camera expose snow properly. Cameras with built-in meters tend to overcompensate, leading to gray snow. Even when the exposure is right, vast expanses of white tend to look washed out. One snowy afternoon I…

  • Snow shadows Nikon F2AS, 55mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor, Fujifilm Neopan 400 2015

  • Snow-covered Caddy Palm Pre 2010

  • Dog in the snow Canon PowerShot S95 2011

  • Snow-covered Matrix Kodak EasyShare Z730 2007

  • Photographs from an Indiana snowstorm

    A foot of snow fell. Then the temperatures plunged well below zero. That was enough to shut Indiana down. Just before the cold arrived, but not before the snow stopped, I went out to clear my driveway. The dense, heavy snow weighed everything down. Tree branches touched the ground, the same ones that clear my…

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