Sunset at the fair

Sunset leaving the State Fair
iPhone 6S

At Christmastime last year I got an email offer from the Indiana State Fair to buy tickets at an incredible discount. So I bought four. Naturally, come July I’d forgotten all about it. Another email offer came to buy more discounted tickets, and I bought four. And then I discovered the email confirmation from the Christmastime purchase. Indiana State Fair, I’m wise to your ways now!

Margaret and I and some of our kids used six of the tickets the day before my 50th birthday. I figured I’d never make time to use the last two tickets, but then a Thursday evening opened up unexpectedly while the Fair was still running. Margaret and I headed right down there after work.

It was a lovely, cool evening. The sun had almost finished setting as we were leaving. This was the view across infield parking. Typical of Indiana sunsets, the colors were lovely. What made it remarkable were some unusually low clouds that the fading light silhouetted.

This day I brought no good cameras, as Margaret and I just wanted to soak in the fair and in each other. Thank heavens for my ever-present iPhone.

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single frame: Sunset leaving the State Fair



Sunset at 80 kph

Irish sunset at 80 kph
Canon PowerShot S95

Margaret was driving. The sun was setting; the sky gave up brilliant oranges. My camera was in the cupholder, ready.

Photography, Road Trips

Johnson Co Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse
Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom

That digital Kodak was born to take photos of brick buildings against blue skies!


iPhone skies

I use my iPhone more than any other camera. I took 1,150 photos with it in 2014. It’s always ready to record things I’d like to remember.

One of my favorite things to remember is the sky. Or so it turns out: looking through my iPhone photos, I captured it over and over again. Many of my other cameras would capture the sky’s colors more sensitively and accurately, but I don’t carry them around in my front pocket at all times.

Sunrise brought wonderful color one winter morning. I photographed it from the parking lot at work.


My Thursday mornings usually involve driving to Fishers to drop off my sons, and a stop for coffee on the way to work. I’m not a coffee snob: McDonald’s drive-through works for me. Black, with light ice so not to scald my tongue.


My 40-mile Thursday-morning drives show me a lot of sky. My iPhone is always plugged into my car stereo to provide the driving soundrack, so it’s easy to take a quick through-the-windshield shot when I’m stopped, such as at this stoplight in Carmel.


Heading home one evening from Zionsville, I took this sunset photo through my open window while waiting at a light.


I forget where I took this photo, but the skies were sure purple that evening. The spots on the photo are schmutz or dings on the tiny iPhone lens.


I discovered one overcast morning that the Department of Public Works had installed our Michigan Road Historic Byway signs along the route here in Indianapolis. Here’s one of the signs at the Michigan Road intersection nearest my home. More about this on Monday, so stay tuned.


I stepped out of my front door one night to find this scene. The iPhone isn’t great in low light, but it did at least capture the image. If you click the photo to see at it at full resolution, you’ll see how mottled and blotchy it is.


The sky was pink and blue one evening as I left work in November. Our office faces I-465; cars whiz by all day.



Amazing sky

Amazing sky
Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom (review)