Tag: selfies

  • Bathroom mirror selfies

    Some selfies I made in the bathroom mirror so I’d have a record of which camera I used for which roll of film. I shot a lot of film in 2018, more than any other year I’ll bet!

  • Why won’t this thing fire? …oh.

    Photos of times I peered into a camera wondering why the shutter didn’t fire, when it suddenly fired.

  • Underexposed selfie

    An underexposed selfie from a historically significant camera: the first autofocus 35mm SLR. Meet the Pentax ME F.

  • A self-indulgent look at the avatars I’ve used on WordPress

    I was surprised that a couple of you noticed when I changed my WordPress avatar recently. I really liked my old avatar. I thought it made me look tough — tougher than I am, really. Here it is, almost as big as life. There’s a story behind that avatar. My sons and I were out on…

  • The Apple iPhone 5 camera

    A review of the Apple iPhone 5 as a camera. The verdict: pretty good.

  • Self portrait with old cameras Nikon N90s, 28-80 mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 (waaaaay expired) I picked up an N90s for very cheap (review forthcoming) and it came with four rolls of very expired color film. I got the 28-80 zoom off my Nikon N65, loaded a roll of the film, stuck…

  • I was a #selfie pioneer

    I took my first selfie in 1981. It was a time barren of instant photo sharing, but I pressed on with my crappy Instamatic anyway just to see what would happen. I learned immediately that the flashcube would leave me seeing spots for twenty minutes. It took another two weeks to finish the roll and another week…

  • Captured: Reflected in the bulbs

    In the last two weeks of 2013 I shot five rolls of film: two black-and-white and three color; four 35mm and one 120. I shot my Pentax ME, my Yashica-D, my Konica Autoreflex T3, my Nikon N65, and my Nikon F2. Oh, and I also shot half a pack of film in my new old Polaroid…