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  • single frame: Through the door at the State Theater


  • Photo: Sleeping angel in Bethel Cemetery

  • Photo: Just a random turtle.

  • Here, have a frog Canon PowerShot S95 2016 A pocket park in Letterkenny, County Donegal, features some bronze statues. This one is passing a frog to the statue next to it.

  • LionNikon F3HP, 50mm f/2 AI NikkorFoma Fomapan 2002016

  • Favorite Photos Week: The Bean in the fog

    What a beautiful spring weekend my son and I had been spending in Chicago — sunny but not too warm. We did all the touristy stuff, from visiting the museums to looking at the city from the top of the John Hancock building to eating deep-dish pizza and drinking Old Style beer. (My son skipped the beer,…

  • Captured: The bear on 56th Street

    The bear stands on a cliff overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir and 56th Street. He was the mascot of the former Galyan’s sporting-goods store. Galyan’s sold to Dick’s, which donated the bear to the city, which placed the bear here. I last photographed the bear in 2012 with my Pentax K1000. Standing on the shoulder of…

  • Millenium Park in the fog

    After a good night’s rest and a leisurely breakfast at the Palmer House, my son and I shouldered our backpacks and headed toward the train station, which is under Millenium Park. It had rained overnight, and the city was covered in fog. I was fascinated by how the buildings disappeared into the fog above. My…