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  • Stopping along a Connemara highway

    As we drove back to our B&B from Kylemore Abbey, we found ourselves on a minor highway in remote Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. Highway R344, to be exact. And the scenery was lovely. We pulled over to take it in.

  • The rope bridge to Carrick-a-Rede Island

    It’s a wobbly, undulating bridge of rope and wire binding planks of Douglas fir, 100 feet in the air, connecting the Northern Ireland mainland to the island of Carrick-a-Rede. Similar bridges have crossed this span for more than three centuries. Margaret and I found the bridge to be sturdy and its swaying to be gentle.…

  • Favorite Photos Week: View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana

    US 50 winds gently through Martin County, Indiana, exiting the Hoosier National Forest and Martin State Forest just before it reaches the little town of Shoals, on the east fork of the White River. This is hilly country, unglaciated, unlike most of flatland Indiana to the north. A little pulloff west of Shoals reveals this…

  • Favorite Photos Week: Old US 36

    I never expected to find that this old alignment of US 36 was a dirt road. But I go to find the unexpected. Current US 36 lay 500 feet away, but here it was middle-of-nowhere quiet. I felt not just secluded, but exposed. I wondered how friendly the landowner was. I thought it might be entirely too easy…

  • View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010