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  • The Kodak EasyShare Z730 is the official camera of the sunny day

    I’ve been riding my bike a lot this summer. From where I live, in just a few minutes I can be on country roads among Indiana cornfields. Even though I’m a dedicated city boy, I really love the peaceful, quiet rides through rural southeastern Boone County. I also love my old Kodak EasyShare Z730 on…

  • Wood fence Argus A-Four Arista Premium 400 2016

  • Co-op Yashica-D Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros 2016

  • Captured: Foodliner

    I remember a time, during my 1970s kidhood, when the IGA Foodliner was the official grocery store of the rural Midwest. Even through the 1980s, if you drove out of the city and into the cornfields, when you came upon a small town you’d almost certainly find a Foodliner. In the intervening years many rural…