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  • I love the Michigan Road, but I don’t always like living near it

    I love the historic Michigan Road. But I also live near it, on Indianapolis’s Northwestside, and it’s not always a picnic.

  • Headstone’s

    I first told this story when this blog was young, eight years ago. I haven’t been back to Headstone’s in almost that many years. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I still have the tie-dye shirt I mention in this story. When I was in college, I should have just had my work-study paycheck…

  • Pleasant suburban shopping on the Agfa Clack and Ilford Pan F Plus

    Please don’t revoke my man card, but I like to shop. Even a weekly trip to the grocery store delivers a dopamine rush. And when my weekly trip takes me to the big-box store — ohhh yes, I can spend an hour just wandering the aisles looking at things I didn’t come to buy. The big-box groceries are…

  • My muse Olympus Stylus Kodak Plus-X (expired, cold-stored) 2015

  • Requiem for Radio Shack

    We’d been all over town trying to find a new gaming headset for my son and his unusually large head. It’s harder than you might think: most headsets grip his big head like a vise. We’d bought and returned four uncomfortable headsets already. On the way back from yet another failed mission, we passed by a RadioShack.…