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  • Christmas spaghetti

    One of my family’s Christmas traditions used to be a big spaghetti meal.

  • The dude cooks: Hamburger soup, Grandma, and the Great Depression

    My grandmother told me often while I was in college that before I graduated she’d teach me “Depression cooking” — ways she learned during the Great Depression of making meals and dollars stretch as far as possible. “You won’t make much money at first,” she said. “You’ll be glad to know this.” Grandma passed away before she could…

  • Christmas spaghetti

    We started having the big family Christmas gathering at my house when I rented my church’s parsonage after my wife and I split. You’d think that holiday hosting duties wouldn’t fall to the newly single guy, but logistically it just made sense. I was pinching pennies thanks to exorbitant lawyer bills, and that first Christmas…