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  • What’s the point of blogging if nobody reads what you write?

    If you’re blogging, some part of you wants to be read. So write in a way that draws in readers and keeps them interested. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • How to attract readers to your blog – and keep them

    Even though you’re almost certainly never going to become rich or famous through blogging, with effort and patience you can build a rewarding regular readership, and start to form a community with your readers. I’ve learned a lot about how to do this in my ten years of blogging. Some of it I’ve figured out…

  • Welcome to the post-blog era

    I’ve noticed a shift in this blog‘s audience during the almost nine years I’ve been writing it. Early on, bloggers and non-bloggers alike read my posts. But in recent years, if you read this blog regularly you probably have a blog, too, and it’s probably on WordPress.com. So say my stats. Those stats also say…