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  • Reluctant to photograph people

    Reluctant to photograph people

    Should I challenge myself to get better at photographing subjects I’m not comfortable with, or lean harder into improving at the subjects I like?

  • single frame: Trent

    Meet a software engineer I used to work with, photographed on film.

  • single frame: Damion at Nine Irish Brothers


  • Underexposed selfie

    An underexposed selfie from a historically significant camera: the first autofocus 35mm SLR. Meet the Pentax ME F.

  • Portraits in a church basement

    Just some portraits of people I go to church with, made on film at one of our pitch-in lunches.

  • Sons at diners photographed with box cameras

    It was an intriguing idea, to photograph my sons in front of diners with box cameras. Too bad I got just two photos made before they both grew up!

  • single frame: Garrett, bored


  • Learning portraiture

    My first wife made brilliant portraits. Through wit and charm, and sometimes even a little flirting, she was very good at drawing spark and life out of her subjects as she worked the shutter. She made many portraits of our young sons with her Pentax K1000, several of which were framed around our home. Two…

  • Your humble photographerNikon F2AS, 50mm f/2 AI NikkorFujifilm Neopan 100 Acros2016 When I took my son to Crown Hill Cemetery for some portraits, I asked him to shoot mine, too. He’s always been my official photographer. Pretty much every photo of me I have from the last dozen years, he took. I was trying to…

  • Favorite Photos Week: Boys in church

    I am the unofficial photographer at church. Our pitch-in lunches are a great time for me to make portraits. Everybody seems to really love it that I bring my camera. Especially the children, who clamor to be in a photograph. Would you guess that we are an inner-city mission where almost everyone who attends on Sunday has…

  • Life at 135mm

    I had planned to spend 2014 shooting almost nothing but my Pentax ME. In preparation, I had been quietly buying K-mount lenses in various focal lengths, including one at 135mm. I’d made only a few photographs with a prime telephoto lens before, just fiddling around. I decided it was time to get serious. But then a Nikon F2AS walked…