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  • single frame: Rusty Firebird


  • 1967 Pontiac Bonneville on the National RoadCanon PowerShot S952015

  • A visit to the National Auto and Truck Museum

    As long as I’ve been online — and that’s 25 years now — whenever a virtual community thrives, it eventually wants to meet in person. The community at Curbside Classic, the old-car blog for which I write, is no exception. I had to miss last year’s inaugural meetup, but I didn’t want to miss this year’s meetup…

  • Captured: Toy cars

    I used to put together plastic model cars when I was a kid. I had probably a couple dozen of them on a shelf in my room. But the models always required some level of detail painting to look really good, and I had neither the steady hand nor the patience to do a good…