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  • Standard Oil Red Crown station in Lafayette, Indiana

    A circa 1927 gas station still stands, unused, in Lafayette, Indiana.

  • 1932 Standard station iPhone 5 2013 I’m planning our Spring Break vacation, so I’ve been thinking about past trips, like the one we took in 2013 along Route 66.  

  • Captured: Bob’s Century

    I was in a super bad mood the other day and decided to distract myself from it by looking back through some photographs from just after I got my first digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare Z730. I found some that had potential and brought some of them into Photoshop for some tweaking. The Z730 has a very…

  • Restored Phillips 66 service station on Route 66

    They call Spencer a ghost town, but I say that there would have to be more town here for it to qualify. This dot on the southwest Missouri map has but one row of buildings, capped by this restored Phillips 66 service station. It’s the last thing you expect to find as you turn onto…

  • Restored Standard service station on Route 66

    We were in the first hours of our Route 66 trip’s first day when we reached Odell, a small northern-Illinois town, and its wonderful Standard service station. You know how it is early on a road trip. The excitement is fresh, your eyes are wide open, and you want to stop and look at everything.…

  • Captured: National Road gas station

    If you ever drive into Terre Haute, Indiana, on US 40 (the old National Road), as you pass by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on the outskirts of town be sure to look for this little stone house. It’s right by the highway, next to their baseball field. Would you believe this was once a gas…

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