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  • People lounging about on Museum Island in Berlin

    People lounging about on Museum Island in Berlin

    Candid images of strangers in Berlin.

  • single frame: Trent

    Meet a software engineer I used to work with, photographed on film.

  • single frame: At the wheel of the old Buick


  • My Pentax ME is back from being overhauled!

    My Pentax ME is back from its CLA. It felt great to use, and it performed well.

  • Three ways to take better photographs when you’re tired and stressed

    We knew it would be crowded and loud and bright. We expected to be overwhelmed. Yet when we arrived there, we were disappointed. It was just giant televisions. And it was exhausting. You’ve seen vintage photos of Times Square, I’m sure: neon and incandescent signs lining Broadway, lighting the street as if it were daytime. Coca-Cola!…

  • Margaret at Coxhall Gardens Rollei 35 B Fujicolor 200 2016

  • 50th anniversary iPhone 5 2014 These are my parents, two years ago on their 50th wedding anniversary, standing on the steps of the church where they were married.

  • Giant Amish Donuts Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom 2015 I did a double take over this booth at the Indiana State Fair last month. Wait…what? Amish donuts?

  • Favorite Photos Week: Shuttle rides $1

    The Indiana State Fair is my favorite place to practice candid photography of random strangers. This was the first time I ever tried it, and boy did I take the wrong camera: my Olympus OM-1. Even though it’s a compact SLR, it was still mighty conspicuous. Too often, my subjects noticed me photographing them. But…

  • Favorite Photos Week: State Fair at dusk

    Margaret and I walked toward the midway at dusk. It can’t be happenstance that the setting sun provides the arch’s evening backdrop, indigo and blush, drawing people in. We had been drawn to each other this night, our third or fourth date. We walked and talked, occasionally pausing for a photograph. I carried my Olympus XA; I gave…

  • Peoplewatching

    Margaret and I went Downtown recently with our cameras just to walk, talk, and photograph whatever was interesting. We spent most of our time on Monument Circle, the heart of our city. We both photographed plenty of Downtown’s architecture, but I also photographed people on the busy Circle. I shot my tiny Canon PowerShot S95. What a concept:…

  • Hiding in a crowd

    I have a deep desire to become good at street photography. But I’m such an introvert. The thought that I might photograph someone who would notice and then want to talk with me — it’s a real barrier. I have several compact rangefinder cameras that should be fine street shooters, but every time I think about taking one downtown I end…