Tag: Pentax H3

  • single frame: Reflecting in the retention pond

    Homes reflecting in a retention pond, on Agfa Vista 200.

  • Updated review: Pentax H3

    I’ve updated my review of the Pentax H3, a circa-1960 35mm SLR.

  • Operation Thin the Herd: Pentax H3

    I take my Pentax H3 out for a spin. It’s wonderful.

  • Captured: Shutter and bricks

    My favorite thing to do with a new-to-me old camera is take it on a road trip, but I can’t always get away. So I end up shooting an awful lot around my house and yard. I might well have the most-photographed residence in Indianapolis. (I’ve collected all of those photos into this Flickr album!) […]

  • By the roadside on Indiana’s Lafayette Road

    Our trip along the Lafayette Road was spontaneous and brief. We started at about 3 in the afternoon and raced against the setting January sun. Normally, I would have started no later than 10 AM to give myself time to stop anywhere I wanted along the way. But I did manage to squeeze in some photographs of […]

  • Pentax H3

    A few years ago, my brother bought me a book published in the early 1960s about photography with Pentax SLRs. Ever since, I’ve wanted a Pentax from the same era to display with it. It took me a while, but I finally found one: this Pentax H3. I got this H3 for about 30 bucks […]

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