Tag: parks

  • Coxhall Gardens

    A look at Coxhall Gardens, a former farm turned into a city park in Carmel, Indiana.

  • A hike at McCormick’s Creek State Park

    Scenes from a hike through McCormick’s Creek State Park in southern Indiana.

  • Shooting the 35mm f/2 SMC Pentax-FA AL lens on my Pentax K10D

    I bought a 35mm f/2 lens for my Pentax K10D and took it out for a spin at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IN. Verdict: meh.

  • Favorite subjects: Holliday Park

    I visited Holliday Park a lot at first because my kids were younger and loved to play there. But it’s also a great place for photography.

  • Favorite subjects: Juan Solomon Park

    One of my favorite places for photography is Juan Solomon Park on Indianapolis’s Northwestside. You’d never guess that the site is also a sewage pumping station.

  • Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens

    Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens.

  • Strolling through St. Stephen’s Green

    We had not been having a great experience in Dublin so far. And then we came upon St. Stephen’s Green. It changed everything. Expensive tourist-trappy attractions, criminally slow restaurant service, large crowds and lots of noise everywhere — Dublin had been everything the rest of Ireland had not been. After a disappointing experience trying to…

  • In St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin Nikon N2000, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor Kodak T-Max 400 2016 I shot a bunch of black and white in this lovely park, but the results were a mixed bag. I guess such a colorful place just needs to be shot in color. I thought the contrasts in this photo worked…

  • The view at Connemara National Park Canon PowerShot S95 2016 The colors in Connemara were unlike anything we saw elsewhere in Ireland. And that’s saying something, because Ireland is an astonishingly colorful country.

  • At Connemara National Park Canon PowerShot S95 2016 We visited this lovely park briefly. We looked forward to a long hike, but we both assumed it would be through a chilly woods, not up a mountain in direct sunshine on an unusually warm day. As we were dressed for the former, we soon overheated and…

  • House in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin Nikon N2000, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor Kodak T-Max 400 2016 It sure is taking me a while to share all of my photos and stories from Ireland! I’m a little more than halfway through our two-week trip now. Here’s a photo from near the end of the trip, in…

  • Twelve exposures: Starkey Nature Park, Zionsville

    Margaret had a great idea, which is to go out on a photo walk but limit ourselves to just twelve exposures. Not twelve resulting photos, but twelve presses of the shutter button. She thought it might make us think more carefully about what is a worthy subject and help us pause to carefully make an interesting…