Tag: Paoli Indiana

  • Pulled back from the brink: 1880 Paoli bridge

    This old bridge looked like it was beyond repair — but thankfully, it wasn’t.

  • Photographing two of Indiana Landmarks’ 2019 Ten Most Endangered

    The 2019 Indiana Landmarks 10 Most Endangered list is out, and two of the listed places have found themselves in my camera’s lens.

  • Carnegie libraries in Indiana

    Wealthy industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie built an astounding 1,689 libraries around the United States — plus 660 in the UK, 125 in Canada, and 35 in other countries around the world — between 1883 and 1929. Preservationist blogger Susie Trexler wrote recently about the rich variation in architectural styles among Carnegie libraries in California, Oregon, […]

  • 1880 Paoli bridge, destroyed

    This was the scene on the 1880 iron truss bridge in Paoli, Indiana, on Christmas Day. Despite the signs on both sides of this bridge declaring no trucks, a 13′ 3″ height limit, and a 6-ton weight limit, this too-tall semi loaded well beyond 6 tons with bottled water drove onto it anyway. Its trailer […]

  • Captured: Courthouse at Paoli

    Once in a while, one of my old posts gets shared on Facebook and picks up a bunch of views. So it went a couple weeks ago with a 2012 post about the great public square in Paoli, a Dixie Highway town in southern Indiana. Out of nowhere, it got about a thousand views over a […]

  • Following the Dixie Highway to Paoli’s charming square

    I’ll never forget the first time I visited Paoli. Calling it a visit is a bit of a stretch, of course; I was just passing through, with a friend on the way to his southern Indiana home for a long weekend away from school. But I’d never encountered a town with a square before, and […]

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