Tag: Palm Pre

  • No photographic experiment is a failure

    While this is certainly not a great photograph, it is important in my development as a photographer. Because it was an experiment. I had paused in my mowing, and the scene looked interesting. So I got my iPhone out of my pocket and opened the camera app. I’ve left it set on square format lately,…

  • Snow-covered Caddy Palm Pre 2010

  • Captured: We Meet by Accident

    When I was married, one day I was driving my wife’s car down a narrow road near our home. Something distracted my attention and in the half second I looked away from the road the car drifted slightly to the right and a utility pole at pavement’s edge violently removed the passenger-side mirror. Her little…

  • Lunch at the White House (the one in Logansport, on the Michigan Road)

    You don’t need an invitation from Barack Obama to eat at this White House. Longtime readers may remember this Logansport joint, as I shared the above photo here late last year. I pass by fairly frequently as it stands on the old Michigan Road, which I drive between my home in Indianapolis and my parents’…

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