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State Road 45

One of my favorite drives in Indiana is State Road 45 between Beanblossom and Bloomington. It’s a twisty little marvel that cuts through the Yellowwood State Forest.

Imagery c 2013 Google. Map data c 2013 Google.
Imagery © 2013 Google. Map data © 2013 Google.

I first drove it in 2006 (story here), just after my inner roadgeek awakened. I hadn’t been back since. It was time to correct this grievous error.

Curvy State Road 45

Near a dot on the map called Needmore there’s a place to pull off the road. All of these photos are from near there.

Curvy State Road 45

I first drove this road after finding a posting on a motorcycle forum that claimed that State Road 45 would “make a man out of you.” That was good enough for me.

Curvy State Road 45

When you stand on a highway taking pictures, your eyes and ears must be wide open – other drivers won’t expect to come upon you. But I had this great road all to myself the whole time I stood in it with my camera.

Curvy State Road 45

Even though these photos are all from the same short stretch, they are representative. This is a heavily wooded, curvy drive.

Curvy State Road 45

My little Ford Focus is a surprisingly good handler and made driving these curves a blast. If you squint, you can spot it parked in this photo.

Curvy State Road 45

I took all of these photos with a Nikon N60 using an AF Nikkor 28-80mm lens on Fujicolor 200. This camera is a recent addition to my collection, and I’ll write about it at length soon.

Another fun twisty road is US 50 in southwestern Indiana. Read about it.

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