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  • What’s the best film camera to start with?

    Want to break into film photography but don’t know how to start? Here is my recommendation — easy, fun, inexpensive.

  • single frame: The Story Inn


  • Photo: Curvy State Road 45 in Indiana

  • Captured: Foodliner

    I remember a time, during my 1970s kidhood, when the IGA Foodliner was the official grocery store of the rural Midwest. Even through the 1980s, if you drove out of the city and into the cornfields, when you came upon a small town you’d almost certainly find a Foodliner. In the intervening years many rural…

  • Nikon N60

    When a buddy of mine said I could have his Nikon N60 for $20 (and if I met him for lunch and paid), I said yes. It wasn’t because I’ve always dreamed of owning an N60 – I’m more into old-style, all-metal, all-manual film SLRs, and the N60 is a modern, plastic, auto-everything SLR. No,…

  • Captured: Red house

    My recent State Road 45 excursion started in the little town of Beanblossom (or Bean Blossom, if you prefer). If you like bluegrass music, you probably recognize it as the home of the Bill Monroe Music Park. There’s not much more to Beanblossom. But this great little red building stands on the northwest corner of…

  • State Road 45

    One of my favorite drives in Indiana is State Road 45 between Beanblossom and Bloomington. It’s a twisty little marvel that cuts through the Yellowwood State Forest. I first drove it in 2006 (story here), just after my inner roadgeek awakened. I hadn’t been back since. It was time to correct this grievous error. Near…