Film Photography

Ilford FP4 Plus in my Nikon F2A

It was wonderful to use my Nikon F2A again after Sover Wong overhauled it. Everything was as good as new.

I shot Ilford FP4 Plus in it, which I developed in LegacyPro L110, Dilution B. I’m still working out the development time that works best for me with this film. The Massive Dev Chart frustratingly gives a range of seven to nine minutes at 20┬░ C. I tried eight minutes and got good results.

Propane heater

Most photos were properly exposed and developed. My scanner had no trouble pulling information off the negatives.

Coffee cup

I made these first two photos when I visited my mom. I bought her a propane tank and an inexpensive tank-top heater meant for construction projects. It puts out a prodigious amount of heat, which lets us sit on her patio on chilly afternoons.

Bathroom mirror selfie

The haziness in the lower left of this image is certainly due to my finger being in front of the lens. D’oh!


This being a test roll, I just shot whatever felt good. I had my 50mm f/2 AI Nikkor lens mounted. It’s a fine all-around performer. Many Nikon fans use the 50/1.8 or the 50/1.4, which cost a heck of a lot more than my 50/2 did. I’m perfectly happy with this lens and don’t see myself buying a faster 50.


I took the F2A on a number of walks around my neighborhood. I’ve made a ton of photos of this suburban vinyl village this year, toward an idea I have for a book that shows the beauty and banality of this place.

Willow pond

I’m very happy with these photos, as they show a Nikon F2A in perfect working condition. Sover’s service was mighty expensive, but it was thorough and precise. If I care for this camera, it will outlast me.


I shot subjects I’ve shot many times before. Why not? The act of making a photograph is enough of a pleasure, who cares if I come back to the same subjects over and over?


This shot in my living room was a lark: what happens if I shoot handheld in dim indoor light? I love the mood in this image, but I had no idea what I’d get when I pressed the shutter button.

Basketball goals

When I shot these basketball hoops, I had a 4×5 crop in mind. I came upon them at the perfect time of day for this composition.


If you own a Nikon F2, save your nickels so that you can send it to Sover Wong for an overhaul. You’ll get back a like-new F2 that will serve you well for many years.

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Collecting Cameras

Here are two more reviews of film cameras from my collection, revised and improved.

The first is of my Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK, a wonderful viewfinder camera with a built-in exposure meter. It’s a great camera to use, and its lens is wonderful. Read the review here.

Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK

Next up is my Nikon F2A, the F2 with the match-needle A viewfinder head. Mine needs its meter fixed; it works but is jumpy. But it’s a solid camera nevertheless. See the review here.

Nikon F2

Updated reviews: Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK and Nikon F2A