Tag: networking

  • The hot girl at the dance

    “Oh my gosh, Jim, you’re the hot girl at the dance!” A former boss called to ask about my week on the job hunt, and that’s what she said after I told her. What a week it was! I landed a short-term consulting job with a startup software company. It starts today. An interview with…

  • I feel like George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life

    As soon as I got the news that I was being laid off at work, I texted my closest friends and colleagues with the news. And after I packed my office into my car and drove home, I emailed a bunch more friends and colleagues. I’ve worked for a lot of software companies in my career.…

  • LinkedIn, are you trying to drive me away?

    I’ve changed jobs frequently during my career – eight companies in 25 years. That’s not unusual in software development, which is my line of work. Because of my nomadic ways I’ve worked with many fine colleagues, and LinkedIn has been a great tool for keeping track of them. (If I were only better at keeping in touch…

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