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  • Summer’s denouement

    Memoir of my 1970s kidhood, squeezing out the last drops of summer before school started.

  • single frame: Shoe repair


  • On the corner of Erskine and Woodside, 1976-1985

    Posting about my childhood neighborhood the other day led me to look through my photo archive for good images around my house when I lived there in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • On Erskine Boulevard

    Revisiting my childhood neighborhood in South Bend, and looking at its diverse architectural styles.

  • The incredibly sticky sense of place

    The land on which my home stands was farmland not 20 years ago. It’s typical: thanks to sprawl, many American neighborhoods occupy land that produced crops sometime within the last hundred years. In my town, a suburb of Indianapolis, neighboring subdivisions and shopping centers are brand new. I remember well the farmland that was there…

  • Favorite subjects: 56th & Illinois

    Twenty years ago my neighbors were bakers. They made breads, pastries, and cookies for a popular deli at 56th and Illinois Streets here in Indianapolis. They brought unsold products home and gave a lot of it to us. They’d call and say simply, “Meet us at the fence.” Such sweet words! They made a flat-out…

  • Favorite subjects: Broad Ripple Village

    I’ve visited Broad Ripple Village many, many times with my various cameras. It’s a favorite place to try a new-to-me old camera. It’s interesting to see how the place has changed over the years, evidenced by my various lenses.

  • As society changes there’s always someone there to make a buck off it

    Thinking about the greater density actively coming to Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

  • Happy life in a modest neighborhood

    I’ve been pretty happy rebuilding my life since my divorce in my modest home in a modest neighborhood. Here are some photos I’ve taken here over the years.

  • Photo: Street scene, 56th and Illinois, Indianapolis

  • Summer’s denouement

    Down the Road is on hiatus, returning Monday, 26 September. I’m rerunning old posts in the meantime. I’ve run this one many times; it’s one of my favorites. During my 1970s kidhood when schools started after Labor Day as God intended, my mid-August birthday always meant summer was beginning to end. By then, the afternoon sun…

  • On Rabbit Hill

    It’s high time I retold this story that I first told in 2010. My childhood neighborhood was packed tightly along steep, narrow streets with tiny, thinly built lookalike two- and three-bedroom houses. These weren’t anybody’s dream homes; it was optimistic to call them modest. But they were attractive to working families getting their start. I…

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