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  • It’s a wonderful Christmas tradition

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to watch my favorite Christmas movie.

  • The time I accidentally wandered onto the set of Forrest Gump

    In 1993, at the Lincoln Memorial, I could see that a film had just been shot there. Turns out it was Forrest Gump.

  • Captured: Time has come today

    Sometimes I noodle around with my Canon S95 or my iPhone while I’m watching TV. I’m not sure why I do it, but I have captured my TV screen dozens upon dozens of times. I think I’m fascinated that my digital camera can capture a crisp image off my flat-screen TV. One evening I was watching some…

  • Only the State and the Palace remain

    When I was a small boy, South Bend’s five downtown movie theaters clung precariously to solvency: the Palace, the State, the Granada, the Colfax, and the Avon. Times were difficult for them then, as the 1960s crossfaded into the 1970s, because more and more people were charmed by recently built suburban shopping-center theaters for their convenience…

  • It’s a wonderful Christmas tradition

    What’s your favorite personal Christmas tradition? Mine is to watch the film It’s a Wonderful Life. It is my favorite movie – and has been for so long that I’ve watched it pass from obscurity to being discovered and well loved. Now I’m seeing it start to be considered cliché and passé. But that won’t deter me from watching…