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  • single frame: Misty morning in Bean Blossom


  • Vintage TV: ABC’s AM America and Monty Python

    A post from 2008, retold. What would happen if Monty Python hosted a morning television news program? It actually happened once. In 1975, ABC debuted AM America, its first morning news show. At about the same time, Monty Python released their seminal film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and were, I’m sure, looking for…

  • Favorite Photos Week: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

    I don’t have a habit of entering photo contests, but when one finds me I’m not averse. Several years ago, my workplace asked its photographers to submit their best work. I entered this photo and took first prize: a $50 gift card. Nice! I shared this photo in October, 2011, shortly after I took it.…

  • Captured: Misty morning, Bean Blossom

    We began our Spring Break adventure heading south toward the Ohio River. We aimed to see historic sites all over Indiana, beginning with the state’s first capital in Corydon. Fog slowed that April morning’s going, at least until we reached Bean Blossom and this hollow, into which the mist had not settled. Astonished by the…

  • Morning sun in my front rooms

    My little house faces east. I get delicious morning light in my front rooms. It’s the thing I enjoy most about my home. What do you enjoy most about yours? Some photos after I moved in are here.