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  • single frame: The Munger Moss Motel

    The great neon sign of the Munger Moss Motel on Route 66.

  • Staying at the Wagon Wheel Motel Canon PowerShot S95 2013

  • Rest Haven Court Canon PowerShot S95 2013 From a Route 66 tour I took with my sons over spring break in 2013.

  • Inside John’s Modern Cabins Canon PowerShot S95 2013

  • Restored Phillips 66 service station on Route 66

    They call Spencer a ghost town, but I say that there would have to be more town here for it to qualify. This dot on the southwest Missouri map has but one row of buildings, capped by this restored Phillips 66 service station. It’s the last thing you expect to find as you turn onto…

  • John’s Modern Cabins on Route 66

    As long as there have been cars, anyone driving a long distance has needed a place to bed down for the night. In the early days of auto travel, they camped, at first in friendly farmers’ fields and later on rented roadside campgrounds. Next, primitive cabins were built as a place for travelers to sleep,…

  • Great bridges on Route 66

    Ok, so I’m going to level with you. I wanted to write a whole post about just this bridge. 38, count them, thirty-eight glorious spans! It’s almost 4,000 feet long! It absolutely took my breath away. I forgive you if you don’t share my enthusiasm. It’s officially known as the William H. Murray Bridge, but I…

  • Old Route 66 pavement

    The point of our Route 66 trip was to take in America at ground level – to experience the countryside’s changing terrain as we moved west, to enjoy the small towns that dot the route, and to take in any tourist traps that interested us. But me being me, I also wanted to see some old-road…

  • Finding excellent accommodations on Route 66

    It’s not entirely true that I didn’t plan our Route 66 trip. I did book motels in advance. I wanted to stay in independent motels as much as possible, and Route 66 boasts several that are well known because of their connection to the Mother Road. Two of those motels really stood out. The first was the Munger…

  • A Route 66 spring break

    My sons and I are just back from our biennial spring break trip, and this time we drove old Route 66 across Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma. I was a teenager when the last of Route 66 was decommissioned – that is, no longer considered part of the national highway system. At about the same time, Hot Rod magazine…

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