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  • Meditations on forgiveness and reconciliation

    All week I’ll be sharing favorite posts about forgiveness.

  • Meditative housework

    I’m anxious, driven. I am always thinking, worrying. Pausing for quiet is hard. I have to really concentrate to shut my brain off and find peace. That’s why I like to wash the dishes. It helps that I don’t have a dishwasher. I’ve thought about installing one so the house is easier to sell someday. But if the […]

  • It’s easier to cut with a sharp knife

    This post from 2011, which I’ve freshly updated, deserves another chance. I hang my most-used kitchen knives on the wall next to my sink so they’re always at hand. Use wears them down, of course. When they won’t glide right through a tomato or when a roasted chicken shreds rather than slices, I know it’s time […]

  • Eventually you realize you’re the common denominator in your problems

    When something you don’t like happens to you over and over again, at some point you have to look hard at the part you play in it. At the beginning of this year a larger company bought the company for which I work. Most acquisitions seem to be about neutralizing a competitor or reducing overall […]

  • The fundamentals

    I tried out for basketball in the fifth and sixth grades. I didn’t make the cut either year, but Coach Bottorff always encouraged me. “You learned some fundamentals in here,” he said. “You keep practicing them and maybe you can play next year.” I didn’t really want to play basketball. My mom made me try […]

  • Meditation anxiety

    I taught my Sunday school class about meditation last Sunday. As I gave them a Bible verse to focus on and walked them through a meditation technique, I was the most nervous I’ve ever been while teaching, and not by just a little bit. I teach the seniors, those 60 and older, in our congregation. Some […]

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