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  • On divorce and remarriage for Christians, part 3: The full freedom to remarry

    I believe that divorced Christians are always free to remarry. I explain why:

  • On divorce and remarriage for Christians, part 2: The four As of divorce

    I believe addiction, abuse, and abandonment are grounds for divorce in God’s eyes just as much as adultery is. Here’s why.

  • On divorce and remarriage for Christians, part 1: Introduction and background

    Divorce is a sin to us Christians. Remarriage isn’t always embraced. I start a three-part series on what I’ve come to believe on these subjects.

  • When your wife divorces you

    Some advice from experience on what to do should your wife decide the marriage is over.

  • single frame: Hiking through Eagle Creek Park with my wife


  • Wedding day

    Margaret had one request of me for our wedding day: that I wear clothes that had no memories attached. I seldom wear a suit. The one I own, which I bought at Goodwill of all places, has seen duty just at interviews, weddings, and funerals over the 15 years or so I’ve worn it. That’s a lot…

  • My bride

    It was a great day, the day of our wedding! And a great evening and entire next day alone together. There’s much more to say, but I’m writing this late Sunday night and am exhausted from the big weekend. So let this photo I took of us Downtown on Saturday evening suffice for now.

  • Is being mindful of the present moment overrated?

    As I drove to work the other day, I dreamed of my future. I should have been paying closer attention to the road. When I got to work I realized I couldn’t remember anything about the drive. Oops! I have always been a guy who ruminates about the past and frets over the future. It sometimes takes over…

  • A ring and a date

    We’re getting married two months from today! We’re keeping it simple. We’re inviting just immediate family: our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children, and all of their spouses. That’s still a lot of people — Margaret is seventh of eight children, and between us we have seven children! We’re having a small, short, simple…

  • Engaged

    Margaret and I agree: we’ve finally found the love of our lives. And when that happens, there’s just one thing to do. We plan to marry in July and honeymoon in Ireland in September. Margaret’s family is Irish, and some of her family still lives there, and so she’s wanted to make this trip for…

  • $159 a week

    This happened 10 years ago at this time of year. We called it a trial separation. I took my brother’s couch while she stayed with the kids in our home. Ten days later, she said she didn’t want me back. My brother walked the line between helping and enabling, and stepped off on the side that said I’d have…

  • Kodak Automatic 35F

    The Kodak Automatic 35F is an early-1960s viewfinder camera with a built-in selenium light meter. It’s a decent performer, if you can find one working.