Tag: lettering

  • Rusty Custom Nikon D50, 28.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-6.3 Tamron AF 2015 My Canon PowerShot S95’s battery died after the first shot of this old truck, so I borrowed my girlfriend’s camera to shoot it.

  • Auto typography 2

    A couple years ago I shared some photos I’d taken of the typography on classic cars. It seems like such a minor detail, but obvious design work went into a lot of that lettering. Here’s another crop of interesting car badges, from the 2015 Mecum Spring Classic. Chrysler could be very creative with the badges on their…

  • A man of letters

    My friend and colleague Christopher is a writer and, lately, an artist: he makes letters by hand. He does beautiful work. He creates letterforms using various media. He used pen and ink for the names above, and a brush pen for the names below. Sometimes he digitizes his lettering to work with it further, as he did with this…

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