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  • Things that aren’t there anymore

    I’ve been making photographs of the built environment long enough now that I have lots of photos of how things used to be.

  • A 1989 photo ride

    A look at my old neighborhood in Terre Haute, Indiana, as I photographed it in 1989.

  • single frame: Snow-covered steps


  • single frame: Delicious and refreshing


  • Operation Thin the Herd: Kodak VR35 K40

    My first Kodak VR35 K40 was a gift, new, from my mom. My second was a $5 Goodwill find. Both were surprisingly good. Here are some recent photos I made with mine.

  • The Bungalow, Inc. Kodak VR35 K40 Fujicolor 200 (I think) 2011 Of late I’ve been either busy, or ill, or busy and ill. It’s left little energy for photography. So to feed the blog I’ve been trawling through my photo archive for ones that please me. My mom bought me my first Kodak VR35 K40…

  • Captured: 8th and Maple

    I’m consistently surprised by what does and doesn’t work on this blog. I’ll pour my heart into a post and when it goes live, crickets: few views, few comments. Other times I’ll dash off something quickly, something I don’t really care about, just to feed this beast — and it will take off. My three most-viewed posts…

  • What the ice storm could have taught me about myself

    What a great day, walking through the park with my camera after the ice storm! It was 1990. I was 23 and didn’t know myself yet. Who does at 23? College was about a year behind me; I had gone to work. Trying to figure out what it meant to be an adult, I mimicked what I saw growing…

  • Captured: Terre Haute Coca-Cola Bottling Company

    Shortly after I moved into my Terre Haute apartment in 1989, I rode my bike around the neighborhood with my camera in my hands. The local Coca-Cola bottling plant was only four blocks away, in a great art-deco building where they filled glass bottles of Coke. They still produced 10-ounce bottles, a real throwback even…

  • Brown Rolls, brown brick Kodak VR35 K40 (review), Fujicolor 200 2011

  • Kodak VR35 K40

    Review of Kodak’s 1986 VR35 K40, a surprisingly decent performer.

  • Captured: Rose-Hulman spring morning

    As a boy, summer was my favorite season, but as I grew up spring began to overtake it. I remember well the day that spring clinched the top spot. It was the day before I took this photograph, one May morning in 1987. These were my college days, and this was the view from my…