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  • Previously unpublished photos from my Kodak Pony 135

    I found some photos I never published that I made with my 1950s Kodak Pony 135. The subjects aren’t going to change anybody’s life, but the pleasing colors and sharpness the Pony’s lens delivers makes them worth sharing.

  • Updated review: Kodak Pony 135

    I’ve updated my review of the 1950s Kodak Pony 135, a viewfinder camera for 35mm film.

  • Kodak Pony 135

    If I polled the world’s camera collectors, I’ll bet most of them would say they have owned a Kodak Pony 135. Further, I’ll bet most of them would say they didn’t plan to buy one, but they found one for a few dollars and they couldn’t resist. Kodak made a lot of Ponies from 1949…