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  • Very expired Kodacolor-X on 127 Day

    Photos on very expired Kodacolor-X film from last 127 Day.

  • Happy 127 Day, and photos from last 127 Day

    Last 127 Day I shot expired Verichrome Pan in my Kodak Brownie Starmatic. At last, the results.

  • It’s 127 Day

    Because it’s December 7th, 12/7, it’s 127 Day. That’s a day to get out our cameras for 127 film and use them! Today I’ve put that roll of film above (expired 12/1981) into the camera below. I’ll take a photo walk with it today and shoot the whole roll. It’s cold here, about freezing, and…

  • In praise of square photographs

    Given that most photos are rectangles these days, square photos seem weird. But successful square photography is all about composing for the frame you have.

  • Operation Thin the Herd: Kodak Brownie Starmatic

    I do love my Kodak Brownie Starmatic, the one 127-film camera I’m going to keep in my collection.

  • single frame: Collapsed


  • Fire station 32 Kodak Brownie Starmatic, Kodak Portra 160 2012

  • The Kodak Brownie Starmatic and Efke 100

    I got such beautifully colorful results when I shot with my Kodak Brownie Starmatic that I knew I’d want to try a roll of black-and-white film in it. At the time, Croatian film producer Efke still made a black-and-white stock in size 127, the last one in the world. I ordered two rolls. And then their equipment…

  • Shooting my Kodak Brownie Starmatic

    I normally spend every spare summer Saturday exploring the old roads, but it’s been too stinking hot! So I’ve been taking pictures with my old cameras instead. I was feeling nostalgic about 127 film after I found the negatives from my first photgraphs, which I took with a Kodak Brownie Starmite II. That camera was part of…

  • Kodak Brownie Starmatic

    It was the pinnacle of Kodak’s durable, if not quite venerable, Brownie line – a Brownie with a built-in selenium light meter for automatic exposure control. The meter fed a simple mechanical system that adjusted the aperture. The aperture maxed at f/8, the limit of its plastic Kodar lens, and the shutter fired at only one…