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  • Updated review: Kodak 35

    Freshly updated, my review of Kodak’s first US-built 35mm camera, the aptly named 35.

  • Kodak 35

    I shoot a lot of 35mm SLRs — they’re my jam. I feel like I know what I’m doing with them, and have learned to get consistent and satisfying results. Leave it to an old, simple camera to humble me. Meet the first 35mm camera Kodak built in the USA, the aptly named 35. Through the…

  • Light Kodak 35, Kodak Plus-X 2015

  • Truth Kodak 35, Kodak Plus-X 2015

  • In the air Kodak 35, Kodak Plus-X 2015

  • Captured: Tree row

    I recently put a roll of Arista Premium 400 through my Kodak 35, a World-War-II-era camera. I knew the 35 would be a capable shooter thanks to Mike Connealy’s review. But when my film came back from Dwayne’s, every frame was hazy and low contrast. Only seven of them could be salvaged. A Flickr comment…