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  • What to do with aging Web content that is still important?

    I’ve been writing on the Internet for more than 25 years and some of my old content is from before blogs existed. I don’t know what to do with it!

  • In case you were wondering why you don’t see me on Facebook very much anymore

    Here’s why you don’t see me on Facebook very much anymore. (Peaceful landscape photo to calm those I will offend.)

  • I’m back on Instagram

    I’m back on Instagram: instagram.com/mobilene. I hope you’ll follow me there.

  • To the New York Times: You’re too expensive

    I get most of my news on my phone. Over the years it’s edged out the more traditional news sources I used to rely on. I gave up on my local paper almost a decade ago. I never watch cable news and almost never watch network or local TV news. I catch an occasional NPR…

  • Film on Instagram

    I feel like such an Internet curmudgeon. In my day, sonny, we used Netscape 1.0 to surf static HTML Web pages that were coded in Notepad, and we liked it! I try all the new Internet gewgaws and gimcracks but don’t like most of them. Twitter? What’s the point? Pinterest? Wow, what a colossal waste of time! Instagram? Crappy lo-fi…

  • The shrunken Internet

    I published my first Web site in 1995, which makes me kind of an Internet longtimer. I coded the HTML by hand in Notepad and used an FTP client to upload the pages to the Web space that came with my dial-up Internet service. How quaint. Typical of the time, I had published a little personal…

  • Aging Netizen

    It occurred to me today that I’ve been using e-mail for almost a quarter century. That’s more than half my life. I first e-mailed at Rose-Hulman in 1985 on a VAX, using a VT100 terminal. My first e-mail was probably a request to an operator (what we now call a system administrator), but soon my…