Tag: instant photography

  • Polaroid OneStep 600

    Polaroid introduced its 600 film in 1981 as a higher-speed variation of the original SX 70 film. These are both “integral” films, the kind where the picture shoots out of the camera and develops before your eyes. The Polaroid OneStep 600 was the first camera made to use the new film. The OneStep 600 comes…

  • Polaroid Big Swinger 3000

    A review of Polaroid’s Big Swinger 3000, their first ever rigid-bodied camera for the old pack films. It’s a fun camera to use!

  • Photographic holiday memories

    My grandparents always owned the latest Polaroid cameras, and they passed on that tradition in 1977 when they bought my brother and me Polaroid Super Shooter cameras for Christmas. When I unwrapped the gift, I remember thinking how cool the box was. I liked the box so much that I kept my camera in it…