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  • Instagram is like playing the slot machines; Flickr is … not

    Why I want more Flickr and less Instagram.

  • Promoting your creative blog in social media: for now, the key is Facebook

    Tips for using Facebook Groups for promoting your blog.

  • Doubling down on Flickr

    I’m going back to Flickr as the primary way I interact with photographs and photographers.

  • Stuck on Facebook

    Thoughts on why I stay on Facebook (and Instagram) even though I now think the company is evil.

  • Chasing fake Internet points

    It’s become fashionable to bash people who chase likes, favorites, upvotes, etc. — and I say that it’s fine to chase them as long as what you get from it and what you are choosing not to do instead are not out of line.

  • I’m back on Instagram

    I’m back on Instagram: instagram.com/mobilene. I hope you’ll follow me there.

  • Where do you showcase your best work online?

    I often wish that I hadn’t fouled my Flickr space by dumping into it every photo I take that isn’t an abject failure. I wish I had used it to showcase my best work. When I joined Flickr a decade ago, I just wanted a reliable photo host that let me share my photos anywhere online.…

  • Flickr has smartly repositioned itself to remain vital in photo sharing

    When I started this blog, I found a great use for my languishing Flickr account: hosting most of the photos I share here. Flickr has been a great tool for sharing my photography everywhere on the Internet. The other day, I uploaded my 10,000th photo to Flickr. That’s a lot of photos! It’s so many that…


    I’m still sharing some of my film photographs on Instagram. I follow a whole bunch of other film-shooting Instagrammers and we all seem to be in loose community there. Some of those Instagrammers routinely get 100 or more “likes” on their photos. I’m doing good when I get more than 10. When one of my photos really catches…

  • #ishootfilm

    I’m still having fun cropping and filtering my film photos and uploading them to Instagram. If you’d like to follow me there, I’m mobilene. Look me up! Or here’s a link to my stream: http://instagram.com/mobilene. I really enjoy just noodling around with these images, seeing what happens when I try this filter or that. I love…

  • More film on Instagram

    I’m still having fun posting some of my film photographs on Instagram. I’m still saving photos to my phone using the Flickr iPhone app, and then cropping them and applying filters. But I’ve expanded my filtering horizons by using other photo-editing apps too, ususally Aviary, but sometimes PhotoToaster or BeFunky. This is great fun. I’m really just…

  • Film on Instagram

    I feel like such an Internet curmudgeon. In my day, sonny, we used Netscape 1.0 to surf static HTML Web pages that were coded in Notepad, and we liked it! I try all the new Internet gewgaws and gimcracks but don’t like most of them. Twitter? What’s the point? Pinterest? Wow, what a colossal waste of time! Instagram? Crappy lo-fi…