Tag: Indiana

  • A very important Plymouth

    I’m a bit of a car nut. Last week I was surfing around Dailymotion looking at old TV spots for cars and found this one for what looked to me like a 1966 Plymouth Fury, but was called the Plymouth VIP instead. I’d never heard of the model, which surprised me, because I’m pretty on…

  • Old US 36 in western Indiana

    A short drive down old US 36 in western Indiana — its current and old alignments. There’s plenty to see here for every roadfan.

  • All about the old road to Bloomington

    I’ve finished writing about my Bloomington road trip at my personal Web space. Every dead end and bit of abandoned pavement is described in excruciating detail at the link below. http://www.jimgrey.net/Roads/SR37IndyBloomington/index.htm

  • The old road to Bloomington

    A ride down the old Dixie Highway, former State Road 37, between Indianapolis and Bloomington.

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