Tag: ice storms

  • Scenes from the ice storm

    As last week began, the weather forecast called for two ice storms in as many days. It looked like it could be very serious – up to an inch and a half of ice, which would cause trees to fall and power lines to snap. The electric companies warned that if the worst happened, power could…

  • Best of DTR: A good icing

    I’ve spent most of my spare time recently writing my Michigan Road report. I hope to finish it this weekend and then get back to blogging! Meanwhile, I’ve dusted off and edited one of my earliest posts in honor of this lingering winter. As much as I don’t enjoy winter, I have to admit that Indianapolis winters…

  • A good icing

    Indianapolis winters have been mild as long as I’ve lived here. I can count only a handful of bad snows, which always bring grief as the city can’t plow the streets fast enough. More than once this has made my driving home across town from work a four-hour endurance test. We just went through a…

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