Tag: ice cream

  • Captured: Polly’s Freeze

    My old friend Brian said, “If you’re going to Corydon, you need to drive down the road a little bit and visit Polly’s Freeze.” Brian would know; his whole family is from this Ohio River region of southern Indiana, and Brian likes good local places. I’m happy we took his advice, because this ice-cream stand was a…

  • Bike rides and ice cream

    I enjoyed this summer more than any summer in recent memory. I took plenty of walks, visited plenty of places with my camera in hand, spent plenty of evenings on the deck reading, and took plenty of weekend day trips. The one thing I didn’t do until just the other day, however, is ride my…

  • The Blizzard Queen

    The summer after I graduated high school, to save money for college in the fall I got a job at a Dairy Queen. A former teacher of mine had recommended me to Mr. Frick, who owned the store. Marilyn was his store manager. She was short and slight with close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair and out-of-style drop-temple…

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