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  • Morning sun in my front rooms

    My little house faces east. I get delicious morning light in my front rooms. It’s the thing I enjoy most about my home. What do you enjoy most about yours? Some photos after I moved in are here.

  • On Erskine Boulevard

    My post last week about my childhood neighborhood made me want to update and rerun this 2010 post in which I tour the street I grew up on.  Take a walk with me along the street where I grew up. In 1976, my family moved from the cookie-cutter prefab neighborhood that we called Rabbit Hill to a larger, nicer home…

  • A lonely little petunia in an onion patch

    When you drive Indiana’s back roads, it is not yet uncommon to come upon great old houses like this one. Can you imagine the complete bucolic scene? There’s probably a barn off to the right, and cornfields to the left, and cows. There must be cows somewhere. Yeahhhhh, not so much. This great house, which…