Tag: health

  • Some frustrating health issues

    I’ve been dealing with some health challenges lately and, well, I’m going to whine about them for a minute. If TMI isn’t your cup of tea, skip this post and come back tomorrow. I’ll have a pretty photograph to share with you. You might recall my foot surgery in June of 2014. One year post-op I…

  • Toothpaste is a scam

    Given that every toothpaste contains whitening ingredients now, why aren’t we all walking around with teeth that are a perfect #ffffff? (That’s the HTML code for the whitest white, for the nongeeks in the audience.) That’s right: because it’s a scam. Anytime a product category requires an entire aisle at Walgreen’s, with many competing brands…

  • Eventually you realize you’re the common denominator in your problems

    When something you don’t like happens to you over and over again, at some point you have to look hard at the part you play in it. At the beginning of this year a larger company bought the company for which I work. Most acquisitions seem to be about neutralizing a competitor or reducing overall…

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